10 tips to make your Pc lightning fast

Is your computer very slow ????
Just follow these steps and increase your computer speed by 150%

Trick 1:
Don't open any applications untill your computer bootsup completely

Trick 2:
Download  CCleaner

 open ccleaner and delete temporary files,history,download history.cookes e.t.c from internet explore Google chrome,firefox e.t.c.

Trick 3:
Defragment your hard disk once a month
This will increase free space in your harddisk and rearrange all your files in order

Trick 4:
After closing any applications refresh desktop frequently.This will remove unuseful files from RAM

Trick 5:
Set images lessthan 65 KB as wallpaper.If you are using a low ram, it is better to remove your wallpaper because wallpaper uses huge ram

Trick 6:
don't fill your desktop will number of shortcuts,Each shortcut will use 400-500 bytes of ram

Trick 7:
Empty your RecycleBin regularly.it is better to use Shift+Del rather than Delete

Trick 8:
Clean your cpu from dust.Dust makes the cpu cooling fan jam and it makes your computer work slowly

Trick 9:
Open RUN > type %temp% > hit enter > delete all files ( Better to do Shift+del)

Trick 10:
In the same way type prefetch in run and delete all files

There your go.......now your computer speed increases by 150%
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